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Jerry Xu - Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Lavie Hotels and Resorts

Jerry Xu -Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Xu, founder and CEO, brings an innovative and strategic way of thinking to all facets of business. Bringing to the table over 16 years of industry experience together with an impressive portfolio which demonstrates an acute aptitude for driving business growth, augmenting operational excellence, and maximising financial return.

Having started his career in the hospitality sector, Jerry worked his way up the ranks to hold the highest offices of management. At an early age, he co-founded Metro Global which provides services that range from asset management, property management, facility management, hospitality services, procurement services and IT solutions, with over 6000 employees globally.

Jerry’s corporate philosophy is centred around the importance of people, believing success is derived from relationships of trust and respect. He considers his team, his clients and subsequently, their guests to be the pinnacle of his business and works to maintain and grow these relationships, project after project.